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Cruisin’ with the Chickens

Posted on: September 24th, 2013 by David Chicken No Comments

Galloint friends! 

Just a little entry to tell you about a great vacation that Mama Chicken and I took recently. We went on a cruise to Key West, Florida and the Bahamas! And of course I ended up entertaining on the cruise. When I heard they were looking for someone to play Elvis in their Legends show, I knew I had to audition for it. And I got the part! It was so much fun performing with dancers from Australia and England. The band was wonderful too. Everyone on the ship loved the show and called me “Elvis” for most of the cruise. Little did they know that a more appropriate name would be “Elvis Chicken”, ha!

 We explored Key West and learned all about the island. Did you know that Key West is home to the southernmost point in the United States? That was fun to see. We also learned about the classic American author Ernest Hemingway, and even saw his house. He had many six-toed cats, and their descendants are still at his house, most with six toes!

Then we went to the Bahamas and went on a glass-bottom boat voyage. It was fun to see all the sea fish and even some sharks! I sang “Funky Fish Party” to them but I’m not sure if they heard me. I also went snorkeling in Nassau, Grand Bahamas, which was amazing. The reef was so beautiful!

The people in Key West and the Bahamas were super friendly. I highly recommend visiting them someday to learn about their beautiful homes.

Your friend,

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