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I’m a Schoolhouse Rocker

Posted on: April 25th, 2018 by David Chicken No Comments

Galloint frieneds!

I hope you are doing well and enjoying our beautiful spring weather!

I wanted to say a little “thank you” to a person who was a tremendous influence on me: Bob Dorough, the man behind Schoolhouse Rock. This program literally changed the course of my life. Without Bob’s catchy tunes there would most likely be no David Chicken songs. Bob showed that children’s music could be fun and educational without “talking down” to kids. Watching Schoolhouse Rock cartoons and learning the songs was a pivotal part of my childhood that I cherish. They truly inspired me to attempt, in my own little way, to create something that would have a positive impact on kids as well. That, in turn, has turned into the most fun career I could ever hope for.

Kids, I encourage you to look up some Schoolhouse Rock songs. “Conjunction Junction” is a good place to start. The accompanying videos are fantastic. They may look a bit old, but their messages are timeless.

Thank you Bob. I’ll always be a Schoolhouse Rocker!

Schoolhouse Rock

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