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New songs!

Posted on: August 10th, 2012 by David Chicken No Comments

Galloint! This week was a fun one for me. I spent several days at Nomad studio, mixing three new David Chicken songs. Both “Imagination Station” and “Funky Fish Party” were recorded and mixed there. I work with an audio genius named JT Longoria. He is amazing at taking my rough mixes and making them blossom into well-mixed songs. It’s my favorite part of the process — hearing the songs come to life. These are usually tunes that I’ve worked on for several years, so it’s really neat hearing them come together. I go in there with all of these tracks (usually 30-40 individual recorded tracks) and JT brings them to life as one cohesive song.

The songs we mixed were “Cookie Time”, “Play”, and “Chicken Rambler”. We’ll be shooting a video for “Cookie Time” at the Ben & Jerry’s in McKinney on August 26. If anyone is interested in being in the video, just let me know! We’ll be shooting it with our Emmy-winning friends at Allen City TV. We may shoot a video for “Play” as well in the coming months. Both songs are high energy and are sure to entertain DC fans! I plan to start using all three songs in our live shows in the coming months. So keep your ears open!

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