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The best place to find David’s Emmy Award-Winning family music and movies! David puts on interactive & educational concerts for families around the world. Experience a heart-pounding, floor-stomping, singing & dancing event that’s fun and healthy for the whole family!

Listen to original music, watch videos, play games and explore. It’s Scakle Time!

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David's Emmy-Winning song "Recycle Bin"
David Chicken Entertainment
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Learn all about Mama Chicken’s Kitchen in the Fun Club. Hear her rap song and find some yummy new recipes!

Watch David’s catchy new music video "Recycle Bin" in the Video Room and learn about the importance of recycling.

Visit the Game Room to play the Super Chachie Adventure Game.
Mama Chicken and David Chicken
David Chicken, Mama Chicken and Super Chachie
David Chicken Entertainment
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The David Chicken Live Show
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